wingardium leviosa


I know this is hella late and I promised you i would make you an edit for your birthday and I never want to break my promises to you! I hope you got everything you ever wanted for your birthday cuz you deserve the world. you’re my best friend and i love you more than anything in this world. I was just like yesterday when we first met, i followed you and then you followed me back instantly I was so happy and overjoyed that I fangirled in your askbox and then we started talking and soon I found out that you and liz were friends in real life and I was so jealous because I wish I could hang out with you guys in real life. you’ve been there for me in the hardest times or the simplest things like crying over my haircut and then you’re always their for me to support me and help me and keep me strong and that’s one of the many reasons why i love you so much. I’m crazy beyond psychotic and you put up with my shit wow how do you not hate me hahaha. even though you’re half white you’re “more of a negro than i am” like you be gettin ratchet i see you hahaha I love talking to you on skype and spamming your askbox daily even though you don’t always keep the conversation going i know that you’re a socially awkward loser who needs to come out of her shell and shake her tail feather from time to time ahhaa what am i even saying haha I have to admit you’re getting better at making conversations these days like cheers to you my nigga haha you think i was kidding when i said i was naming my daughter mackenzie I shit you not I’m naming my first daughter after you because i love the name mackenzie and now I can tell little mackenzie that her mom had beautiful and amazing friend name mackenzie who she loved very much xx I hope she turns out like you beautiful and caring and funny and just all around perfect. sigh It’s on my bucket list to fly out to wisconsin and meet you and liz i’d die if i don’t! you’re getting so popular these days and I feel like i should get a ticket and stand in line to get to you haha with your personality i wouldn’t be surprised if you get famous I’ll be the first member of your fandom! I’m crying so much I’ve watched you grow up jdkfghdlfg you’re like my older sister and best friend all in one and I’m so glad to have you in my life honestly i don’t know what I would do without you! I hope your birthday was full of partying and an orgasmic orgy wiht zayn and justin and chris ahhaha ilysm i know i say that a lot but i truly mean ok xx

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